FAQ FIDO Authentication

FAQ FIDO Authentication

Question 1: **What is FIDO Authentication and how does it work?**

Answer: FIDO Authentication is a security measure introduced by the FIDO Alliance. It relies on Public-Key Cryptography and offers a more secure and simpler alternative to passwords and SMS-OTP. It allows replacing password logins with quick and secure login experiences on websites and apps.

Question 2: **What is FIDO2 and how can it be utilized?**

Answer: FIDO2 allows users to use common devices, such as a Yubikey, to authenticate themselves easily in online services in mobile and desktop environments. The FIDO2 specifications include the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) specification of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the corresponding Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) of the FIDO Alliance.

Question 3: **What are the benefits of FIDO Authentication?**

Answer: FIDO Authentication offers several benefits:
1. **Security:** FIDO2 cryptographic credentials are unique for each website, never leave the user's device, and are never stored on a server.
2. **Convenience:** Users unlock cryptographic credentials with simple built-in methods or by using easy-to-use FIDO security keys.
3. **Privacy:** FIDO cryptographic keys are unique for each website and cannot be used to track users across different sites.
4. **Scalability:** Websites can activate FIDO2 via a simple JavaScript API call supported on leading browsers and platforms on billions of devices.

Question 4: **How can I join the FIDO Authentication system?**

Answer: You can join the FIDO Authentication system by purchasing a Yubikey from Xtract.de. This device allows you to use the latest FIDO2 features for secure and comfortable online experiences.
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