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RE:STASH Glass Black 4 OZ

RE:STASH Glass Black 4 OZ

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The 4 oz Re:stash Jar Black with the familiar Xtract logo is a must-have for all herb lovers. The innovative combination of a classic Mason jar and a patented silicone sleeve protects your herbs from light and temperature fluctuations. The FDA-approved polypropylene for the child-resistant lid is made from 30% recycled agricultural waste and hemp fiber. Available in the classic colors black, white and pink.


  • - Xtract Exclusive Branding

RE:STASH glasses - The perfect solution for environmentally conscious and elegant storage

When it comes to storing food, there are numerous options, but none are as versatile and sustainable as RE:STASH jars. These cleverly designed jars combine elegant looks with eco-friendly materials to provide a practical and stylish solution for food storage.

The RE:STASH glasses are made of high-quality glass that is not only durable but also free from harmful chemicals such as BPA. This makes them a healthy choice for food storage as they cannot release harmful substances into the food. In addition, the glass is heat-resistant, so it can be safely used in the microwave and oven.

But what makes RE:STASH jars truly unique is the lid. Made of silicone obtained from recycled materials, the lid is flexible and adapts perfectly to the glass. It seals airtight to preserve the freshness of the food and protect it from moisture and pests. The lid is also dishwasher safe and can be used over and over again, significantly reducing the environmental impact of disposable packaging.

RE:STASH jars not only offer a sustainable way to store food, but are also extremely practical in everyday life. The transparency of the glass means you can see at first glance what food is in the glass without having to open it. This saves time and prevents food waste as no hidden supplies are forgotten. In addition, the glasses are stackable and can be stored in the cupboard or refrigerator to save space.

Another advantage of RE:STASH lenses is their versatility. They are not only suitable for storing food such as flour, nuts, cereals, spices and much more, but also for storing non-edible items such as craft supplies, paper clips or cosmetic products. Thanks to their durable construction, they can be used on the go to take snacks or meals with you.

In summary, RE:STASH glasses are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious and stylish storage. Its high-quality glass and recycled silicone lid ensure a healthy and sustainable food storage solution. Their transparency and versatility make them an indispensable companion in everyday life. With RE:STASH jars you can organize your pantry, keep food fresh and at the same time contribute to protecting our environment.

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