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CBD-A isolate pure 99% pure

CBD-A isolate pure 99% pure

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Fine, pure and pure: With a CBD-A content of 99%, with our CBDA isolate you get the pure cannabidiol powder, white as snow. We pay particular attention to the purity law during production, which is why our CBDA isolate is free of impurities and dyes. Intensive with unbeatable quality and made in Germany. Produced with great effort from the Cannabis Sativa plant and with a focus on particular fineness, we obtain this finest isolate from pure CBD-A.


Our pure CBD-A isolate is versatile. The isolate can be formulated into almost all products and is suitable, for example, for filling vape pens when mixed into an e-liquid, or it can be dissolved in oil or any other oil-soluble base. Isolate is a natural and outstanding form of CBD-A, which you can get from us in excellent, laboratory-tested quality.


Legal information

Not suitable for pregnant women, teenagers and children.

Not for human consumption
Ages 18 and over.

Storage and shelf life

CBD-A products should be stored dry, cool and closed. It is best to always store it in the refrigerator after use, as if stored improperly, CBDA will decarboxulate into CBD.

Additional information

Ingredients: Premium cannabidiolic acid (CBD-A)

CBD-A content: ~ 99%

If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us. Because we are only happy when you are too.

Our tip

In our experience, fragrance oils are particularly suitable for dissolving our CBD-A crystals in oils.
If you like the crystals, it is worth using larger quantities such as 3.5g - you will save a lot per additional gram CBD-A Budget. If you fancy our CBD-A crystals, our CBD-A Terpsolate with an additional 10% terpenes are just the thing for you!

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