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5 L glycerin 99.5% food grade

5 L glycerin 99.5% food grade

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Buy food grade vegan glycerin 99.5% from Xtract. Our glycerin liquid has a high purity of 99.5% and can be used, for example, in the kitchen and for demanding personal care. In addition, glycerin is very popular for the production of vegan cosmetics and its possible uses are large.

Xtract Glycerin Use Xtract's vegetable glycerin is produced in Germany and is subject to internal quality controls. Areas of application include the production of soap, creams, shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, etc. Combined with isopropanol 99% or bioethanol 96.6%, a glycerin gel can be produced for hand disinfection. Other areas of application are as an additive to lotions and bath additives, for stain removal, etc., for skin and hand care, etc. Xtract glycerin in food quality is suitable


Skin Care with Glycerin from the Xtract Shop Glycerin soap is best made with Xtract's highly concentrated food grade glycerin 99.5% to retain all the known benefits. Glycerin soap is therefore very well tolerated by many allergy sufferers who do not need to use fragrances. Applying cream to your hands can also protect against dryness using glycerin as a nourishing additive.

You can make vegan cosmetics yourself with glycerin, which is considered harmless in the right amount. To be on the safe side, when buying the active ingredient you should pay attention to pure quality without additives. At Xtract you will find a 99.5% pure glycerin that is also suitable for use in food. Since glycerin binds moisture, it is ideal for extending the shelf life of your own natural cosmetics.


Homemade teeth whitening toothpaste can be made using food grade Xtract glycerin and crushed activated charcoal. The fine crystals of xylitol (birch sugar) can remove stubborn discoloration on teeth. To maintain the optimal consistency, we recommend adding a few drops of coconut oil, which can also care for the gums.

Glycerin Liquid is a very well tolerated substance that gives the hair healthy moisture during the washing process. That's why glycerin is often found in pharmacy shampoos and conditioners. It also fits ideally into vegan cosmetic products. Individual hair care can be combined with various natural substances to achieve more fullness, freshness of hair color, protection against split ends or preventive protection against hair loss. Xtract glycerin can also extend the shelf life of the natural shampoo


5 L Glycerin 99.5% from Xtract in food grade is suitable as a bath additive to relax from everyday stress and hustle and bustle. Essential oils and vegetable food colors enable an individual aroma experience. Glycerin raw soap is known for its well-tolerated cleansing effect and almond oil in the bath additive can also promote skin care. Up to 80 ml of glycerin can be used in 500 ml of liquid soap to invigorate the body and mind and give new strength, even in winter


The sugar alcohol glycerin has the structural formula C3H8O3 and is a naturally occurring chemical commonly found in vegetable oils. It plays an important role in many metabolic processes in the healthy human body. The 5-liter food-grade glycerin 99.5% canister offers a generous amount and can be used for numerous DIY projects. This article is intended for the general public.


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